What calorie restrictions?

Having posted today about the calorie restrictions the USDA have imposed on school lunches in the United States, and chatted on Twitter with Victoria McGowan a PhD candidate at Durham University who is studying the relationship between school food and childhood obesity, I thought I would post this short clip taken from a BBC 2 documentary this week called Eat, Fast, and Live Longer which investigated whether a diet that included fasting or extreme calorie restriction could have dramatic effects on a person’s weight and health.

This restaurant in the United States is doing the exact opposite of what the USDA is doing with school meals. In fact they have a burger combo that boasts a ridiculous 10,000 calories. They are un-shamefaced about how unhealthy their food is, and believe it’s their right to eat badly if they choose to, but is it? Do people have a right to regularly eat like this and then expect treatment for their inevitable health problems? A can of worms, and perhaps more so in the UK where health care is largely free. Is this restaurant irresponsible in its ethos? (Click on the ‘Unhealthiest Restaurant’ link below the pic to watch the clip.)

10,000 calorie burger

Unhealthiest Restaurant

5 thoughts on “What calorie restrictions?”

  1. That must be a spoof? 10k meal? Izzit a meal…just a pile of ^%&^^$?

    Do science, PE & Dom Science depts link up in our schools?

    1. Hi Bill.
      No, it is a real place serving those crazy meals. Honestly they make me feel a bit sick just looking at them. But then again I don’t eat meat, so… Did you see all the lard they were spreading on the buns and burgers? Like there wasn’t enough fat in it already!
      Interesting question regarding linking lessons. I think probably the answer is no. And probably we’re showing our age because I don’t think schools do Domestic Science any more! But your suggestion about linking lessons – particularly food education into other aspects of the curriculum – is something I commented on after my first post that they’re especially campaigning for in Scotland. I do love a bit of joined up thinking.

  2. I had to watch this twice as I could not believe it the first time round..Ironic that it is a no smoking restaurant….

    Am I correct in saying the burger he ate had the equivalent calorie content of 16.5 weeks of school lunches for a 5 > 10 year old child in the states?

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