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Let’s get curious.

Aside from the Olympics, the global watchword for today is ‘Curiosity’.

After a nine month journey, NASA has landed the rover Curiosity on Mars and it is already beaming pictures back, giving us a close up glimpse at the red planet’s landscape.

One of the stated aims of the mission is to answer an enduring question that continues to intrigue us earthbound humans – was there ever life on Mars?

It’s a human characteristic to look outward and ponder our place in the universe. Now the Curiosity has made our galaxy a little smaller. Likewise this international sporting spectacle of human endeavour brings nations closer together. While we’re all rooting for our national teams, we can recognise effort and excellence no matter where it appears.

And that is the purpose of this website. In the United Kingdom and in the United States, and undoubtedly in other countries around the world, schools catering has become if not a political hot potato, then at least a massive talking point. Recognition that good eating habits begin at an early age, whilst for many countries obesity is an issue that needs urgent attention, has focussed eyes on schools caterers to find ways of tackling these problems through innovation and best practice in their industry.

But within the UK at least our tendency is to be inward looking. We are good at talking to each other and sharing our successes nationally, but we rarely turn our attention overseas to see what our international colleagues can teach us.

So School Food World aims to redress the balance. The hope is that this will build into a useful resource for those involved in schools catering around the world, to draw on the expertise of their global partners and gather examples of best practice or take inspiration from international innovation.

We aim to report, promote and celebrate stories, news and case studies that demonstrate the best that international schools catering has to offer when it comes to providing healthy, nutritious and sustainable meals for our school children, at best value for schools and parents.

And we aim to remember that for many countries poverty and hunger are more pressing issues than wastage and obesity.

We hope you’ll play a part and send us examples of innovation and best practice when you see them, join the debate and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

So come on, let’s get curious about the world of school food.