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Welcome to School Food World.

Hello and welcome to School Food World.

I am still in the process of designing the site but when it’s ready the aim is that this will become a website that reports, promotes and celebrates best practice and innovation in schools catering around the world.

The hope is to create a resource for anyone involved in school meal provision that will help them draw on the experience of others and take inspiration from trail blazing international innovation.

Perhaps one day we will see a World School Food Day, or even bring international school caterers together in a symposium that celebrates excellence and cutting edge creativity, all with the aim of ensuring our school children get the best possible, healthiest, most sustainable food, at the best value – wherever they live in the world.

No matter which country around the world that you work in, if you have news or examples of best practice or innovation that’s worth shouting about, you can email me on info@schoolfoodworld.co.uk.

This website is available in .com and .co.uk formats so it will be easy to find no matter where in the world you’re based.